CostCon is a job costing, accounting and management system developed specifically for building contractors and trade companies that work under the Construction Contracts Act.

Our approach has been to develop a management system that puts costing and project management first, supported by a fully integrated accounting system and a range of modules designed to meet the needs of your business, including web timesheets, advanced procurement management, forecasting and comprehensive document management.

Handling some of the most complex aspects of construction and contracting – variation orders, retentions and progress claims – CostCon is not only comprehensive, but designed specifically for QS and project manager users.

What sort of operations use CostCon?

  • Commercial Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Trade Subcontracting
  • High end residential or open book projects
  • Apartment complexes, retirement villages
  • Earthquake recovery projects villages
  • Developers, Government departments or corporations managing multiple, large-scale developments

What modules does the fully integrated financial accounting package cater for?

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cashbook
  • Inventory
  • Fleet registry
  • Purchase and sales orders
  • General ledger
Denaro Advanced building procurement

Denaro Advanced building procurement

Denaro gives you complete control over your procurement strategies, enhancing QS and office productivity while allowing you to improve margins on materials.

The system enables you to manage workflow and delegated authorities, and keep careful track of approvals and pricing.

Site managers and staff can log POs on a smartphone or tablet. Receipting goods is easy and invoices can be automatically approved by matching them to the purchase order.

DENARO also eliminates the invoice “paper chase”. We have set up a scanning bureau using the industry-leading Kofax software to extract invoice information and load it automatically into CostCon.

ONTime Payrolland Web entry

ONtime Payroll and Web entry

Labour hours are often the biggest risk item on a project.

ONtime improves timesheet accuracy so you can better manage budget verses actual hours worked on a job. ONtime allows staff to enter their times into a smartphone app, which are then approved by the site manager, or the system can be set-up so the site manager logs time for their staff as the week progresses.

Office staff can monitor that times are being entered progressively as the week unfolds, significantly improving efficiency. Our clients have seen payroll go from a whole day’s work, to being done and dusted in a couple of hours.

CostCon and ONtime work with the leading enterprise payroll systems, including IMS Payroll, ACE Payroll, MYOB Payroll and iPayroll.

CostCon Management Reporting

CostCon Management Reporting

CostConnect easily links Microsoft Excel spreadsheets directly into the CostCon database. Staff simply need to outline the information they want to see, and we’ll replicate that in spreadsheet format.

Excel provides the flexibility to display the information in numbers, dashboard format or charts and graphs.

Previously, tailored reporting would be time consuming to create, but CostConnect makes things easy, with a comprehensive suite of standard templates to rapidly prototype reports.

Our clients typically use CostConnect reporting for specialist areas such as WIP, Cost to complete, specialist client reporting and a variety of cashflow reporting.



Designed to tightly manage large-scale operations and projects, PREDICTO allows you to fully model a project budget across each month through to completion. PREDICTO enables a QS to run a comprehensive forecast cost at completion report at any point.

By loading forecast expenditure into PREDICTO at the beginning of the job, you can keep constant review of progress and variations against an established budget. PREDICTO fully tracks any revisions or transfers, requiring a PM or QS to find savings or yield some margin whenever costs change.

For the project teams, PREDICTO provides a much tighter level of control. Management and finance staff can then roll up the forecasts across multiple projects to get a consolidated view of cashflow in the coming months and way into the future.




DOCMAN is a powerful yet easy-to-use Document and Project management software application that manages, finds, and tracks drawings and associated project related items.

Our construction clients have chosen DOCMAN to handle a wide variety of specific functions, including a simple project filing system for all project-related emails, drawings, correspondence, photos, RFI’s. It is also a useful tool to ensure Health & Safety requirements are met, managing site-specific safety plans and associated H&S compliance.

DOCMAN handles some tricky things really simply; the app works easily between computer, tablet or smart phone. This includes providing version control of documents and information. For example all the versions of a project drawing are stored but staff only have access to the “latest version” – the project QS would have secure access to the older versions if required.

DOCMAN is a fully integrated function of CostCon so it is easy for a staff member to attribute a photo to a particular VO or job, making it straightforward for site staff to take a picture and then log that to the project.

Getting started with CostCon is easy. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we will help to determine which modules will suit you and your business best.

There are a number of ways you can start using CostCon. You can purchase the software outright (with ongoing support charges), you can rent CostCon on a monthly basis or we can arrange for a finance plan where costs are spread out over an agreed period of time.

CostCon is licenced concurrently, which means you can purchase a number of licences that correlates to the largest number of users likely to be active on the software at any given time, rather than the total number of employees at your organisation.

We also provide an annual software support contract, which entitles you to free upgrades and installation of the software as well as email and phone support.

CostCon can be run on computer servers and PCs as well as through a cloud-hosted option, courtesy of our hosting partner, Manux Networks

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