The comprehensive CostCon package offers everything you need to manage your projects and run your business. The key modules include:

  • Job Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • General ledger
  • Debtors/Creditors
  • Purchase Orders and stock control
  • Contractual Documentation
  • Fleet Register
  • Security

Job Management

CostCon provides you with the tools to cost a range of jobs with different components (e.g. materials, subcontractors, labour). We work with your team to tailor the back-costing structures to suit your experience, scale and project type.

Budgets are loaded and managed by the QS/Project Manager while other costs can be kept up to date within the module and automatically updated from the subsequent payroll, creditor and subcontractor modules.

Your management meetings will be transformed, as you’ll have up-to-date budget versus actual records for each project. Your QS can run each project with a Cost to Completion or Cost at Completion model.


Subcontractor Management

Your QS can use CostCon from the tender invite stage right through to final release of retentions and the close out of a project.

CostCon will allow you to produce the subcontractor appointment letter and then issue a full descriptive Work Order for the contract. From there, the QS can manage subbie payment schedules and respond in a CCA compliant fashion when approving a lower amount.

CostCon provides the ability to provide subcontractors with a statement of retentions held to keep in step with the latest changes to the Construction Contracts Act.


General Ledger

This module offers a set of functions and formats to effectively manage and report on the financial status of the company. Your GL can be structured standalone or a multi-company, multi-division and multi-cost centre. Trading companies can be consolidated up to a group company.

The system can handle a large amount of data.


Debtors Module

Project Managers can easily prepare progress claims for a variety of different jobs within this module.

Claims and associated schedules have the option of being submitted electronically or printed. All claims are Construction Contracts Act compliant and will automatically calculate retentions held by the client.


Creditors Module

Smart and efficient procedures are required to cater to the large volume of suppliers, merchants and subcontractors dealt with on any given job. CostCon offers a flexible option for invoice and payment approval that gives the accountant or director the ability to identify batch payments – minimising the need for paperwork.

CostCon also creates CCA compliant payment schedules to help with subcontractor payment queries and records the retentions in a separate Balance Sheet account (not in the creditors ledger).


Purchase Orders and stock control

Full purchase order and stock control processing features are available, with the ability to purchase products for a specific job or stored and issued as required. The bulk of our clients run a simple – non-diminishing inventory. A small number of clients run full weighted-average inventory for specialist lines.


Contractual Documents

Standard contractual document templates are stored within the core CostCon system, in order to streamline correspondence with other parties.


Fleet Management

This module ensures businesses can track vehicle/plant usage on jobs and associated costs. It also helps to provide information around individual vehicles in order to improve return on capital.


CCA & Tax Compliance

CostCon is built from the ground up to be compliant with the CCA. CostCon provides a tax inclusive and tax exclusive view of every transaction. It also calculates GST/VAT/sales tax and once set up, taxes are handled by the accounting system. CostCon provides a full record of financial transactions and audit trails for all information entered into the database.



CostCon is underpinned by a comprehensive password security system. This is typically set-up using a role-based security model. For example, a QS won’t be able to print a full aged Debtors Trial Balance but they will be able to see the claims and payment receipts for their projects. The security can get quite granular – so an accounts clerk can enter invoices and print them out but that’s all they can see – the menu options for the other actions don’t even appear.

CostCon runs as a Microsoft Windows Server application and clients can either operate Microsoft Windows or Apple OS.

  • Run remotely, CostCon can be utilised with thin-client technology or as an ASP application.
  • Unlike other cross-platform applications, CostCon is specifically designed and tested for each platform.
Apple & Windows Logos

Client Platforms

Apple OS 10.6x or greater (4GB ram, 32bit minimum)
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
(4GB ram/32 bit, 8 GB ram/64 bit minimum)

Server Platforms

Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2
Windows Small Business Server 2008
Windows Small Business Server 2011
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

CostCon software provides interfaces for a number of external applications and other systems, including XML, HTML, text or ODBC

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