CostCon’s suite of products has been developed specifically for the local market.

We understand the complexities of your environment and the demands of the latest legislation, including the Construction Contracts Act in New Zealand and the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act in Australia.

Our specialist team of consultants will work alongside you at every stage, from selecting the right products and modules for your needs, to seamlessly configuring the system to suit your operation, to integration and ongoing support.

We’re a local company, building on local expertise and experience to deliver greater efficiency and more productivity for the best in the business.

David Johnstone

David Johnstone is CostCon’s managing director, helping customers grow their business and recognise opportunities to improve performance. David has extensive experience in software sales and marketing across a range of industries.

Jocelyn Climie

Jocelyn Climie is the lead architect and head developer at CostCon. Having worked with the company since its inception, Jocelyn relishes the opportunity to work on the constant evolution of CostCon to meet the demands of the industry.

Shaun Caple

Shaun Caple is a senior consultant and product manager for CostCon. Shaun has an extensive history of working with accounting systems and application support. His experience in the field has seen his role with CostCon develop to include product management oversight of CostCon and our new DENARO advanced procurement system. Shaun has a knack for delivering simple and effective solutions to clients' seemingly complex requirements.

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