Foster Construction

The reason we bought CostCon rather than one of the others.

"It has an easier learning curve than the others. We had Intech (DOS ) previously. Looked at Great Plains, CHEOPS. Also the company had been involved in "Everest" – it took two years to learn it!"

The significant things it has achieved for us:

  Time efficiencies - getting final accounts to subbies reduced from 2-days to 1-day.
Flexibility - can print reports and accounts at will – not have to batch them for printing.
Efficiencies - QS can keep better track of variations and the system forces a discipline.  

Helped our suppliers

"We can generate Buyer Created Payments faster so the subbies know we know what the account is. The paperwork produced by the system helps the subbies understand what we are doing."

MacRennie Construction

The reason we bought CostCon rather than one of the others

"We were computer illiterate and spent two years looking at systems. Most were horrendous things that didn’t look as though they suited NZ or were extraordinarily expensive. We had looked at CostCon and stuck it to one side. When we took another look we found it was quite refreshing after the others and were hooked as a result."

Significant things CostCon has achieved for us

  a. Shows actual financial performance for each project by month.
b. Produces automatic payments for sub-contractors.
c. Reduces duplication of data in the tendering process.
d. The system copes well with growth – MacRennies has doubled it’s turnover since implementing CostCon.  

Our experience of support & upcoming enhancements

"Practice notes are distributed with upgrades. We are notified a couple of weeks in advance of an upgrade and it normally occurs out of office hours."

"Excellent support & communication – we shied off overseas systems with their overseas offices and were even wondering about Manux being based in Christchurch but hasn’t proved an issue."

Recommendation to others

"We already have suggested some of our competitors implement CostCon."

Melray Electric

When looking for a system to help streamline existing operations and establish the foundation for the future, Melray Electric chose the local company with an in-depth knowledge of the contracting and construction industry.

Melray Electric general manager, Glenn Connor, who has worked with the company since 1993, says when the organisation began searching for software that would help support their development, after outgrowing their existing system, it had a particular set of requirements.

“I was looking for a package that provided job costing first and foremost,” says Glenn Connor. “There’s lots of software out there, but a lot of them focus on accountancy, and have job costing as an add on.”

“When it came to understanding the needs of the contracting industry, the CostCon guys knew what we were talking about and I think that gave me confidence,” says Glenn. “They’re not accountants trying to sell me an accountancy package. The fact that they were local as well, and they had other big clients on board that we also deal with, helped me make my decision.”

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