Purchasing CostCon
CostCon is configured and sold with the relevant modules required. We will work closely with you to determine which modules are appropriate for your operation.

CostCon is licenced as concurrent users. Additional users are purchased in single units.

Concurrent licensing is a software licensing model based on the number of users accessing the program simultaneously. This model allows customers to purchase a number of licenses equal to the largest number of users likely to be active at a given time, rather than the total number of users in the company. For example, a building contractor has an accountant, two office staff, and 4 quantity surveyors that will be heavy/regular users of CostCon. In addition, they have 2 directors, an operations manager and two senior site managers that will be irregular users. We would typically suggest that five concurrent users would handle the accountant/admin/QS staff and add two for the others and for a bit of room to grow.

CostCon is provided with an annual software support contract which entitles the user to free upgrades (and installation) of the CostCon software and email/phone support. CostCon is continually being upgraded with additional functionality and to support the latest server and PC operating systems. Our support staff undertake the upgrade to the new version on approximately a six monthly basis. The friendly support staff really know their stuff. There have an in-depth understanding of CostCon and job costing and accounting in the contracting sector.

CostCon can be run on your own computer server and PCs or we can provide a “Cloud” hosted option through our hosting partner - Manux Networks.

Costcon can be run as an ASP hosted application offered by Manux.

Tender /Quote Management
Job Management
Back Costing
Forecast to Complete
Invoice Claims & Schedules
Service Industry Job Sheets
General Ledger
Debtors & Creditors
Inventory & Order Processing
Web Timesheets
Document Management
Web Purchasing

Makes job management simple

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