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Cockram Construction - New Client

In September of 2014, Cockram Construction selected CostCon as their preferred provider for their job control and forecast to complete management system. During the balance of 2014, the CostCon development team tailored the core CostCon product to meet the advanced requirements set by Cockram.

In the months prior to that, Cockram undertook a significant review of the best job costing solutions on the market including the leading offerings from Australia, New Zealand and from around the world.

Cockram Construction is CostCon’s first major client in Australia and CostCon has plans to make them the first of many. Cockram Construction Australian General Manager, Darren Milne concluded that out of the shortlist, CostCon was the company closest to satisfying all their business requirements. “They committed to work with us to help us develop some functionality, and enabled us to do forecasting to help us to properly manage projects. So it was a fantastic result,” says Darren.

Darren explains that it was important for Cockram to not only select a quality product but also employ a company with personable staff. CostCon satisfied both requirements. “We liked the CostCon product because of its ease of use and intuitiveness. We also felt that it would be an easy transition from our existing product,” says Darren. “We also found the CostCon people to be fantastic to deal with. Very helpful, user friendly, open to assisting us to get some additional functionality that we needed. We got a lot of confidence from them.”

The long term benefits for Cockram implementing CostCon is that they’re going to dramatically improve productivity of their project staff. CostCon will help them to process tasks faster, automate more functions and ultimately reduce their overall business risk by having a detailed overview of where their money’s going. Over time, having greater visibility of job costing and accounting information will contribute to Cockram’s ability to grow to as a company.

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