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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery - CostCon functions

As Fletcher EQR have got underway, taking charge of a vast number of EQC repair claims in the $10-100k range, our CostCon clients seeking work with Fletchers started asking questions! Such as, how can CostCon meet the changing needs of the different Fletcher Hubs for reporting and claim formats?

We have responded in two ways. Firstly, our CostConnect flexible management reporting enables us to format reports and claims to suit in a cost effective manner. Secondly, we have extended our Job Management process to include a new hybrid job type - Work Order.

The bulk of our Christchurch based clients are undertaking EQR work. NZ Mainco have had a solid diet of EQR work since October 2010. Since the beginning of the year we have been responding to many of our NZ wide clients, who have since set up a Christchurch branch and/or Business Development Manager.

At CostCon, we are committed to continue enhancing our package offering to meet the needs of our Building, Civil and trade clients in their efforts to continue the Rebuild.


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