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In the latest release there has been enthusiastic response from the user base with the significant reengineering of the Job Management area. The Job Control Panel provides a simplified menu operation for a Quantity Surveyor or Project Manager to work their magic in CostCon.

The QS has easy access to all the relevant CostCon functions for them to create a new job, process a claim, add a variation order or approve invoices - all from the Job Control Panel.

In addition, we have added a Job creation wizard to guide QS/Project Management staff through the start-up phase of a job. We had recieved feedback, that for many Project staff, they would be working on a small number of jobs that spanned many months or years. Therefore, they were very adept at running CostCon for the jobs they were involved in. However, because they initiated a new job infrequently, they indicated they'd appreciate a "guided option" for creating a new job. The Job Wizard achieves this.


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